How to use this page

Initial configuration.

  • Sign up to the system by clicking on Sign up.
  • Fill your company data and establish your quote settings like colors, quote prefix, tax rate and trade and payment conditions.

Before making quotes.

  • Access to Management → Categories to define the types of products that you will have in your inventory (e.g. plants, software, vehicles, etc). Each category will have a code to build the catalogue number of each product.
  • Enter to Management → Catalogue to add all the products to your catalogue, you can specify the prices of the product both in US Dollars and Mexican Pesos to avoid changing conversion rates.
  • The option Management → Accounts allows you to add Accounts (companies) or groups of clients to which you are going to sell your products.
  • To add clients to these accounts use the menu Management → Clients. You can also add a new client without an associated account.
  • In case that you are not the only user that will ellaborate quotes, the option Management → Authors allows you to add new authors.

Making quotes.

  • Access to Create quote.
  • Select an account, a client and an author. (these 3 are mandatory).
  • You can also select other options like currency, validity period, date of creation and language of the quote, these options have default values.
  • Search a product by typing its name or product key.
  • Click on the "Add line" button to add as many products as needed.
  • Write the trade and payment conditions if necessary or use the "Load template" link to add the default conditions defined in the company settings.
  • When the quote is complete click the Submit button to access the preview of all the data in the quote, if everything is OK click on "Build PDF" to generate and view the file.

Search quotes.

  • The menu item Search quote allows you to search by code, client, currency, author and interval of creation date all the quote generated by the system.
  • You can view, edit and delete any of the quotes listed in the table.